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My Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is my passion!

In all honesty,there is nothing as fulfilling, rewarding, and exciting as helping young singers achieve their goals.

As a young singer myself, I had to work very hard at understanding the technical complexities of breath support, and how to produce a healthy, beautiful, expressive, and legato sound.

I became obsessed with technique because I realized that a solid understanding of how the voice functions would be crucial to my desire to succeed as a serious professional singer. My journey continued as I worked with various voice teachers before I was able to form my own understanding of what makes good singing and how to teach it.

My method is clear and precise yet tailored to every individual singer and their needs. As we know, learning to sing is a lifelong process. Because I started my career as a lyric soprano and ended up as a dramatic soprano, I have exceptional experience with those singers who want to take their voice in a different direction. I have been fortunate enough to have combined my career as an international opera singer with that of voice professor at THE ROYAL CONSERVATOIRE ANTWERPEN in Belgium.

Voice Studio
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